Couples Coaching

Relationship coaching for singles and couples

Looking for love? Let me help you to…

  • Make your life relationship ready
  • Heal recurring patterns
  • Choose healthy partners
  • Identify possible red flags
  • Asses your relationship priorities and values

Looking to rekindle or reconnect? Hoping to save a relationship breakdown? Let me help you to…

    • Get back to appreciating eachother
    • Rekindle that passion 
    • Mediate any current issues and gain tools to take back into your daily life
    • Create safe space for communication and problem solving
    • Navigate dynamic changes when life changes
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Break Cycles

    I love helping couples to come to a place of understanding and communication using tools I have learned through my extended study in Tantra, The Art of Communiaction and Relationship Coaching. 

    Having experienced my fair share of toxic relationships, navigating the modern dating age, heailng through divorce/parenting and cultivating a beautiful healthy relationship I have both life and academic knowledge to set you in the right direction. 

    Keep posted for couples retreat dates. 


    Mercedes Michaels | Tailored Coaching