Mercedes Michaels

Life, Love & Sex Coach

Hi I am Mercedes, I originally hail from Scotland and now reside in sunny Perth. My journey until now has seen me travel the globe, living as an expat in Dubai and Bali, adopting my beautiful daughter, working in Pakistan, Uganda, Bahrain and Kuwait – just to name a few.

My life has been turbulent, exciting and filled with adventure. My divorce 7 years ago floored me, sending me into a spiral. On that journey I began to slowly heal, layer by layer. I began to put the broken pieces back where they belonged and to leave all the beliefs and emotions that no longer served me behind. I began to embrace being a woman, to respect my body, to cultivate a healthy inner dialogue and finally found that love I had chased all over the globe –  it had been with me all along! It was me … Since finding that true inner love for myself, I have attracted an amazing partner, lifestyle and feel totally aligned.

Now as a qualified Tantra Practitioner, Energy Healer, Doula, Life Coach and creator of the Womb Magic Process, I work with women all over the world to guide and support them to step into their fullest potential and connect with their pleasure and passion x