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Women’s Empowerment Coach

Welcome to my home (page). See what I did there!! At home is exactly how I would love you to feel whilst working with or engaging with me. You may ask who am I? I am Mercedes Michaels a Women’s Empowerment Coach. I support women to heal their pasts, own their stories and manifest a life of POWER, PURPOSE & PLEASURE. 

This zone is a judgment free zone! I want my clients to know this first up … part of the work I do is bringing women back to their true feminine power by clearing and healing what no longer serves and truly owning and embracing the parts that are without shame, guilt or fear.

I facilitate the space for you to make your own changes using the following techniques.

Womb Healing

Womb magic is truly magical, this is a process I birthed through wanting to make this deep work accessible anywhere in the world. It combines a number of modalities to help you clear energetic and unconscious blocks to do with self worth, pleasure, intimacy and relationships.

These blockages can be from pregnancy loss, hysterectomy, birth trauma, toxic relationships, domestic or sexual abuse, reproductive issues and much more

Mercedes Michaels | Womb Healing
Mercedes Michaels | The Art of Sensual Self

The Art of Sensual Self

This is a beautiful course to introduce you to using your feminine wisdom to reconnect with your own pleasure and sensuality.

By embodying these practices watch your external world also transform beyond belief.

Tailored Coaching

These are personalized programs to help you in the area you need help in at present, still with the essence of having healthy connection to your sensuality to help you set and smash goals.

Mercedes Michaels | Tailored Coaching
Mercedes Michaels | Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

I speak at events online and around the globe on the following topics:

  • Owning Your Authentic Self – How to win at life!
  • Womens Empowered Sexuality
  • Womb Magic
  • The Art of Sensual Self

The Soulful Stripper

Mercedes Michaels is a Perth based stripper – turned soul searcher, gypsy wanderer, humanitarian and seeker of the truth. Her life has led her on many a crazy adventure – from inner city underworlds, the glamour life of a Dubai Model, the bustle of Ugandan roadsides and the adoption of her daughter is nothing short of inspiring.

Mercedes Michaels | The Soulful Stripper
Mercedes Michaels | Meet Mercedes

Meet Mercedes

Mercedes is a Perth based Life, Love and Sex Coach. Deeply passionate about sharing what she has learned on her own healing journey with her clients.

Mercedes wants to support you in your own healing journey. Empowering you to live a life you love. Filled with purpose and passion.

Mercedes in the Media

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Mercedes Michaels | article

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